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Telescopes for sale



Eyepieces From .965" / 1.25" / 2.0" / 2.7" / 3.0" / 4.0" / 4.3"


BT70 RA88 / Miyauchi / Kowa eyepieces


Advanced Barlow Lenses including: Modular and 4 element Telecentric magnification multipliers


1.25" and 2" Advanced Binoviewers From $649-$1999


 Binoviewer OCA's and Accessories


Binoviewer Alignment and Supercharge Services


Adapters - Meade Scopes and ETX


Binoculars - Quality Modified


Large and Small Non Illuminated and Illuminated Cross haired eyepieces.


Large and Small Binocular Cleaning and Alignment services $99 Call or Email for details.


Camera Focus Adaptors


Camera Adapters - Universal


H-Alpha Focus Accessories



Special binoviewer services and products you cant get anywhere else 

ICP's Image Correction Prisms for Newts




Extension Tubes


Large refractor modular OTA's


Eyepiece Comparisons


Focal Length Reducers




Planetary Fleece Blanket 


PST Accessories


Telecentric Barlow Lenses


Zero Magnification Adapter





Ladies Corner

Saturn Earrings  

Astronomy themed totes/purses


Free Domain Pictures

Astronomy Accessory Links of 

       products not offered 

       by Siebert Optics


Useful Astronomy Links


International Dealers


Astro photos


Non-Astronomy Items
















Custom made Reversible Totes with an Astronomy Theme


     Chose from 3 different fabrics above.   All are reversible w/solid quilted on inside.  Small planets have light blue quilted (see inset), lg planet have black quilted fabric(3rd pic) inside and space one has solid black quilted inside.   All have a pocket inside as show on the black quilted.   Size is 11"h x 11.5"l x 3"w. All are  $34.99  (Sm planets, lg planets, space - tote)

Custom sizes are available - please email size interested in for a price quote.


Space Glitter Stickers

   Package of 57 pieces total-19 of each color - includes set of glitter purple, glitter gold and glitter silver.  Click on picture to enlarge. (stickers-1) $4.50/package




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