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BT70 and RA-88 Eyepieces Click here

KOWA Eyepieces Click here

Miyauchi Eyepieces 29mm, 1.3" and 1.338" Dia eyepieces for:

Saturn II/III and MIYAUCHI 90 and 45 deg Binoculars.

The 10mm's have minimal ER

9mm (me10) $129 each60deg 10mmER

10mm(me10)$129 each60deg 10mmER

11mm(me13)$129 each60deg 15mmER

14mm(me14)$149 60deg  15mmER

15mm(me15)$149 60deg  15mmER

18mm(me18) $139 each60deg 18mmER

19mm(me19)$139 each70deg  19mmER

20mm(me20)$139 each70deg  20mmER

25mm(me25)$149 each50deg  20mmER

26mm(me26)$149 each50deg  20mmER

27mm(me27)$169 each50deg  20mmER

28mm(me28)$169 each50deg  20mmER

Items above are priced individually.    You will need two for a set for your binoculars.

. .   We do complete alignment and Cleaning services for the Apogee / Miyauchi/ Kowa / BT and other Binoculars. Prices for cleaning and alignment starting at $99

      Click here.

Find the Focal length of your Binoculars below.

Miyauchi 22x60 F.I. 300mm

Miyauchi 20x77 F.I. 400mm

Miyauchi 33x71 F.I. 568mm

Miyauchi 22x71 F.I. 568mm

Miyauchi 20x100 F.I. 500mm --Galaxy addition.

Miyauchi 26x100 F.I. 500mm

Miyauchi 37x100 F.I. 500mm

Miyauchi 33x100 F.I. 750mm

Miyauchi 25x141 F.I. 625mm


Stock Eyepieces typical below

25mm = 20x

19mm = 26x

14mm = 37x



























































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