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.Superior Quality 965" Eyepieces and Barlows.

Superior quality at great prices

Monocentrics and Planesphere eyepieces Click here.

Ask about how you can have Monocentrics and Planesphere in a .965" barrel size at no extra charge.

 Ad #1

.965 1.5x - 1.75x - x2 Barlow

It uses the best quality optics and is fully coated for maximum light transmission.  It also fully corrects for color aberrations. 

 Ask for P-ring if you might use it in a 1.25" focuser.

These Barlows are recommended for eyepieces that are 26mm standard field of view and more powerful.  20mm Wide field and more powerful are also ok.

 1.5x Barlows

1) This Barlow sells for $89 .965 inlet w/ .965 outlet  (Bar965-1.5x)

2) This Barlow sells for $89 .965 inlet w/ 1.25" outlet  (Bar965h1-1.5x)


1.75x Barlows

3) This Barlow sells for $89 .965 inlet w/ .965 outlet  (Bar965-1.75x)

4) This Barlow sells for $89 .965 inlet w/ 1.25" outlet  (Bar965h1-1.75x)


2x Barlows

5) This Barlow sells for $89 .965 inlet w/ .965 outlet  (Bar965-x2)

6) This Barlow sells for $89 .965 inlet w/ 1.25" outlet  (Bar965h1-x2)

Step-Down Adaptor W/ 1.25"OD and .965"ID $20 (125965)

Step-Down Adaptor W/ 2"OD and 1.25"ID $20 (2125)



 Want to make sure you are getting exactly the correct item?

  #1) This Barlow   .965 inlet w/ .965 outlet  ----Get  the P-ring also if to use in a 1.25" focuser.

  #2) This Barlow   .965 inlet w/ 1.25" outlet  the 1.25" outlet is for 1.25" eyepieces you might have.

The adaptor  W/ 1.25"OD and .965"ID (125965)   This adapter is for those who get the #2 model and need the adapter when they want to use their .965 eyepieces. Or want to use their #2 model .965 inlet w/ 1.25" outlet  Barlow in a 1.25" focuser and need the adapter to fit the .965 inlet into their 1.25" scope.

.965" 9mm, 10mm, 11mm  14mm 18mm

The New Performance+ Series

These are Computer generated 3 element design eyepieces. These are FMC coated. The combination of fewer elements and FMC coatings gives these eyepieces some of the best light transmission properties possible.  FOV is 60 degrees.  They are threaded  for light filters.

$59. (EP.965-9) ER 10mm

$59. (EP.965-10) ER 10mm

$59. (EP.965-11) ER 11mm

$99. (EP.965-14) ER 15mm

$99. (EP.965-18) ER 18mm


10mm above shown

14mm/18mm shown above


Ultra Series 17-19mm Super wide angle 70 deg w/20mm ER

This is a .965" fully FMC coated 4 element eyepiece which produces extremely wide angle and the eye relief is 20mm. 

 This eyepiece sells for $119.(EP965-17) (EP96518) (EP965-19)








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